An Appeal to the International Community:   Urgent Call to Stop A Genocidefrom Happing in Afrin


Middle East,now, more than any other timeneedspeace, political wisdom and reconstruction, it doesnot need more war, more disasters ormore religious and nationalist enthusiasm. The launched wars by the great and regional powers in the region through terrorist groups and other rivalry powers who act on their behalf have brought massive disaster, poverty,destruction and man slaughteringto the whole communities of the region,including the Kurdish community.

Today,we all witness, through the Turkish army’s military intervention,how its huge tanks and troops are crossing the Syrian border intothe Kurdish district of Afrin, how they threatenthe lives of civilian people in the villages and other districts surroundingAfrin. The people are under severe and serious threats and mercy of the military planes, tanks and artillery of the Turkish army and its hired mercenaries.This war is against all the norms and practices that any party should be obliged to have during the war time. Clearly, there is no power balance between people who defend the city and the Turkish army which is well-equipped army and a member of NATO!

We would like to take this opportunity to alert you and in the same time warns everyone over the said risks on Afrin and its civilian people. What is happening in Afrin is genuinely human tragedy and it is seriously threatening lives of women, children and elderly people. Simply, all indicators are telling us that another genocide is on its way to happen unless the International community represented by the Western States, United Nations, EU, International organizations and agencies, urgently intervene to stop it.The people of the region is badly waiting for a prompt act on this urgent matter. They must assume their political and moral responsibility and commitment to deteradisasterthat the Turkish army is going to commit, by which another genocide against the Kurdish people and other inhabiting communities in the district is speculated. The silence of the world’s states, United Nations and International institutions towards this aggressive military operation of Erdogan and the Turkish government will result in a massive genocide in Afrin, this is not only an obvious International law violation but it will attribute to another failed political chapter and human tragedy in the region. From this prospective, we condemn such stands. Thegreat powers and International agencies are requested to speedily adopt practical political and military precautions and mechanisms to stop the Turkish bombardmentand protect civilian people.


We also call the regional government of Kurdistan and Parliament and all political parties topractically support Afrin people and stand against the Turkish invasion and Erdogan’s aggressive military operation. A firm roadmap is required to protect the region; women, children and internally displaced people. Such a silent attitude would simply cause a disgrace to everyone.


We know this illegal military intervention will not bring in political stability and peace neither to the region nor to the Turkey state and it would not provide any political solution for the inherited and complicated political and historical problems, this war will not only damage the co-existence and human dignity of the people but it will also widen the gaps and leave wounds within the diverse communities.

Therefore, we strongly appeal to you to help stopping this wide scale war and end the aggressive military operation initiated by Erdogan on Afrin so that another genocide is prevented.

Aras Fatah, Writer

Dr. MariwanKanee, Writer

Dr. SherkoKirmanj, Writer

Dr. Shaban Mizuri, Writer

Lawk Salah, Writer

RebinHardi, Writer

Jamal Hussein, Writer

Kawa Mohamad, Member of Parliament

HiwaFaiq, Theater Artist

Rauf Begard, Writer

Aram Saeed, Political Activist

Aram Ali, Fine Artist

Dr. ChomanHardi, Writer

Shireen Saib, Activist

BaharMunzir, Activist

ChlooraHardi, Activist

Niaz Abdulla, Journalist

Najeeba Mahmoud, Media Specialist

Yassin Aftaw, Media Specialist

Ahmed Mira, Journalist & University Professor

Salar Mahmoud, Member of Parliament

Sara Qadir, Journalist

Koral Nuri, Journalist

Rozha Hassan, Activist

Tara Sheikh Osman, Translator & Teacher

Layla Shorawi, Activist

RunakShwani, Writer

Nalia Ibrahim, Activist

AsosHardi, Journalist

Shwan Mohamad, Journalist

Sardar Mahmoud, Journalist

Kamal Chomani, Journalist

Abdula Mala Nuri, Former Member of Parliament

Sherko Hama Amin, Member of Parliament

Farman Rasheed, Writer & Activist

SirwanGharib, Journalist

Kamal Rauf, Journalist

Aso Jabar, Journalist

HawramanWriya Kanee, Writer

Hiwa Qadir, Poet

Majeed Salih, Writer

Dana Karim, Artist

Dilshad Mustafa Artist

BrwaRasul, University Professor

NareenDerki, Poet (Rojava)

Aras wali, Political Activist

Azad Barazanji, Translator & Writer

KhayriaShwano, Translator, University Professor

Dana Rauf, Theater Artist

Bushra Mohamad, University Professor, Critic

Ata Mohamad, Writer

Kawa Mohamad Amin, Writer & Activist

Rebeen Mahmoud Salih, University Professor

MansorTayfori, Writer

Dyari Qaradaghi, Artist

Hemin Qaradahgi, Writer

Dlovan Sarspi, Translator

Sartip Aziz Faris, University Professor

Dr. MoumeenZalmi, University Professor

Bayar, Omar Abdulla, University Professor

Saman Haji, University Professor

Roza Hassan, Activist

Mohamad AbaasBaram, Artist

Yassin Banikhelani, Writer

Dr. Fahmi Ali Aziz, University Professor

Akam Sheikh Hadi, Photographer

Fawzi Ramzi, Teacher

Hardi Mahdi, University Professor

Dr. Karzan Mohamad, University Professor

Nizar Sabi, Writer

Shalaw Fatah Karim, Writer

Dr. Salam Abdulkarim, University Professor

Idris Siwali, University Professor

Niaz Hassan Khalid, Artist

CholyFaiq, Writer

Rizgar Hama Amin Ahmed, Theater Artist

Hawzhin Omar Karim, Writer

Kamiar Sabir, Writer

Bakir Ali, Writer

Abdulla Reshawi, Journalist

Soran Abdul QadirKosta, Writer

Amanj Mahmoud, Artist

Tahir Rahim, Writer

Paykar Osman, Writer

Shafiq Haji Khider, Translator

Lewza Mohamad Shafiq, Writer

Dr. Aram Reefat, Writer

Dr. Jafar Ali, Writer

Barham Khaleed, University Professor

Salar Tawa Guzaye, University Professor

Salam Omar, Ibrahim, Media Specialist

Dr. PaymanAbdulkadir, University Professor

Farouq Abdulla Abdulraman, Writer

hemin Mohamad Saeed, Surgeon

Rizgar Hama Rasheed, Theater Artist

Frood Baqi Mahmoud, Fine Artist

Avan Sidiq, Fine Artist

Zahir Aba Rash Fine Artist

Adil Qadri, Writer

Dler Mohamad Tahir, Theater Artist

Goran Mariwan, Poet

HunarTofiq, Writer

Halkawt Abdulla, Writer& Translator

Anwar Rasheed Abdulla, Poet

Ara Raza, University Professor

Dastan Barzan, Poet

Suad Saeed Razaq Women & Children Activist


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